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MobileMe is Flawed says Walt Mossberg

There has been a lot of news reports and blog posts concerning problems with Apple’s MobileMe service. Here are Walt Mossberg’s views on the service after a week of testing.

Overall he thinks it is a good idea but “….MobileMe has too many flaws to keep its promises.”

But in my tests, using two Macs, two Dell (DELL) computers and two iPhones, I ran into problem after problem. One big issue is that while changes made on the Web site or the iPhone are instantly pushed to the computers, changes made on computers are only synced every 15 minutes, at best. Apple has admitted that this is a problem, and says it is working on it.

His report finishes by saying that he thinks MobileMe “…could be a terrific service.” if Apple sorts out the problems. I think I will wait for that to happen before I give it a look.


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