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Simplify Media Review

Recently, I had the opportunity and inclination to use the Simplify Media software on my iPhone. I typically, turn on my phone to discover that my husband has added new applications that he thinks I would like or need. Often this is when I am prompted to ask “What the heck is this and why is it on my phone!” Once, we have glossed over the high points, off I go, often forgetting that it is there.
Well I have been fortunate to have actually remembered and used the new Simplify Media over the last two weeks. All I can say is amazing! I have about 25,000 songs in our home iTunes account…things get added daily and it is a bit daunting to keep up. I have about 4 GB on my phone, which I listen to everyday commuting to/from work. It was relatively painless to start using the SM product. I just accessed the software and was able to view all playlists we had created, as well as the slices of albums, genres and songs.
Each time I had no problem accessing the library, it took only a few seconds for the music to start playing. Now I can access the 9000 songs that are a part of my world music collection. It has also alerted me to some clean-up that I need to do to make sure naming conventions are consistent to make it easier to access a group or a collection. I only had a few glitches when the music stopped and then then took about minute to ‘buffer’ and start again. I accessed the library via wifi at work.
I attempted on no less than 3 occasions accessing the library while driving and from a few stationary but non-wifi accessible places (using only my edge network). I wasn’t successful and for the most part I wasn’t overly upset about it.
I am still thrilled with being able to have access to my iTunes and to share it with family and friends. Also, I don’t want nor need to have my entire iTunes library on my phone, so having it centrally located but readily accessible is acceptable for me.


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