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iPhone heart rate monitor

An interesting new app has been added to the iPhone App Store – a heart monitor. It uses the built in microphone or the microphone in the headsphones to record your heart beat from your neck, chest or wrist.
It says that the iPhone Heart Monitor shouldn’t be used for medical applications but it looks like it would be ideal for sports people to keep track of their heart rate before during or after a work out.

iPhone News

Apple to release the iPhone 3G in more countries

Apple will be releasing the iPhone 3G in an additional 29 countries on September 26th. This would bring the total number of countries that the iPhone is available in to 73. Those countries expected to be in the next batch are:
Botswana, Brazil, Cameroon, C. African Republic, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Madagascar, Mali, Malta, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Niger, Panama, Russia, Qatar, Senegal, South Africa, Turkey and Venezuela.
Still no iPhone for China but the latest rumor is that China Mobile is asking Apple to disable the 3G and Wi-Fi features.