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iPhone Apps reach 60 million downloads

Steve Jobs told the Wall Street Journal that over 60 million iPhone apps have been downloaded in the first month of availability. The total revenue was approximately $30 million, of which 30% went to Apple.

If sales continue at the current pace, Apple stands to clear at least $360 million a year. “This thing’s going to crest a half a billion, soon,” Jobs told the Wall Street Journal. “Who knows, maybe it will be a $1 billion marketplace at some point in time…. I’ve never seen anything like this in my career for software.”

Of the revenue earned by app creators approximately 45% went to the creators of the top 10 app sellers. Sega revealed that they sold 300,000 copies of their $9.99 Super Monkeyball game in 20 days.
No comment was made about the actual number of iPhone 3G’s that were sold in the first month.


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