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Walt Mossberg talks about iPhone Apps

I must have missed this when it was first posted over a week ago. We have Walt Mossberg, the Wall Street Journal Tech Guru, talking about the iPhone App store and ten of his favorite apps. It may be a little out of date as new apps have been added to the store but its interesting to hear Mossberg’s thoughts on the iPhone and the new apps.

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iPhone 3G availability

There is a new way to check the availability of the iPhone 3G at your local Apple store from Top Muffin. Their iPhone Availability Tracker is updated every 15 minutes with data from the Apple website. That being said, they do advise you to call the store before heading out.
Today it shows that the iPhone 3G is available in approximately 45% of all Apple stores countrywide:

8 GB Black 3G iPhones are available at 84 of 188 stores (45%)
16 GB White 3G iPhones are available at 101 of 188 stores (54%)
16 GB Black 3G iPhones are available at 75 of 188 stores (40%)

In my local stores, stock levels are almost nonexistent. The 8GB is out of stock and the 16GB is only available in 2 out of 5 stores.

iPhone News

iPhone 3G selling twice as fast as original for AT&T

During its Q2 report AT&T revealed that the iPhone 3G is selling nearly twice as fast as the original iPhone.

“In the days following our exclusive U.S. launch of this new device, powered by the nation’s fastest 3G wireless network, customer response has been everything we had anticipated and more.

No figures were released to support this claim but the long lines and the lack of stock would seem to support the claim.