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Voice dialing for the iPhone from iSpeak

Fonix Speech has announced a voice dialing application for the iPhone called iSpeak.

“The powerful and dynamic tools provided by Apple have allowed the Fonix team to quickly and efficiently develop Fonix iSpeak™ for the Apple iPhone 3G ” says D. Lynn Shepherd, Fonix Sr. VP product engineering. “The feature rich iPhone™ is easy to use and our robust embedded speech interface will further create a positive and natural user-friendly environment which will further illustrate the dynamic features of this phone.”

You will be able to make calls via voice command, as well as being able to navigate your music and launch a song or playlist simply by saying the name of the artist , song or playlist.
The press statement says that the release is for the iPhone 3G. If it is an iPhone 2.0 software app then I would think that it will work on the original iPhone as well.
The company says the that it will be selling it directly and through traditional Apple distribution channels which does make me stop and wonder. Will there be two versions? One for the App Store and one for unlocked iPhones. No price was given at this time.


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