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Original iPhone is near obsolete

It seems to be the weekend for strange comments from newspapers. First, the Sunday Times says that international data is expensive for the iPhone, then the The Times of South Africa says that the original iPhone is “near obsolete” with the release of the iPhone 3G.
They seem to be very excited about the possibilities of playing games on the new iPhone.

Thing is, the iPhone can conceivably do anything the DS can, bar of course the dual-screen display. The iPhone offers full touch- screen operability, network connectivity, the ability to send and receive voice and video, plus it has the Wii-like trick of tracking the tilt and pitch of the device in your hands. Most of the games being developed for the iPhone now are based on this simple functionality, substituting a joystick for balance sensors.

This is all well and good except that the hardware that does the “Wii-like trick” is included in the original iPhone as well as the iPhone 3G. The ability to play games is due to the new software which will be available to the original iPhone owners.
So yes, the new iPhone 3G has some new hardware but as for making the the original iPhone “near obsolete” – I don’t think so.


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