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Crazy iPhone Rumors

Today the net was full of rumors of more subsidized iPhones. They both concern Telefonica, the parent company of Movistar in Spain and O2 in the UK.
Local reports in Spain claim that the iPhone will be available for under a €100 to customers who sign up for a 24-36 month contract.
The other rumor concerns O2, last week The Times reported that the iPhone would be available for a subsidized price of £100. The possible crazy rumor is the one that appeared in Macworld UK. They cite sources claiming that on top of the subsidized price from Apple it will also be available for free to customers who sign up for the most expensive service plan – £75 a month for 3000 minutes and 500 text messages.
They also add that O2 might try to entice existing customers to extend their contracts by a further 18 months by offering them a free upgrade.
Hopefully these and the previous rumors concerning AT&T subsidies will be answered in the very near future.


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