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Swiss iPhone Rumor

According to Swiss website LeMatin.ch (in French), Switzerland will be getting the iPhone this summer. Nothing too special when added to all the other recent announcements of countries that will be added to the iPhone community in the coming months.
It becomes interesting when you reach the section that mentions GPS, Video Conferencing and TV functionality. The first two are common 3G iPhone rumors but this is a first for TV functionality, I think.
I believe AT&T offer some form of TV streaming to their 3G customers, so this could just be a by product of a faster connection rather than additional hardware in the iPhone.
If I had a choice, personally I would prefer the addition of video iChat than streaming TV, both of which could put a heavy load on the battery.
Will we have to wait for Steve on June 9th for answers to this mystery or as some rumors have recently suggested, will Apple spring the 3G iPhone on us sometime in May?


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