iPhone News

Orange To Subsidize 3G iPhone

Rumors are doing the rounds of the internet that French telecom Orange, will offer an subsidy on 3G iPhones. According to the French website pcimpact, current iPhone users are being offered the opportunity to upgrade to a next generation iPhone for 50 euros. There is also something about a generous discount when keeping hold of the original iPhone.
With the website being in French it is hard to know exactly what is going on or even if it is true. If they are offering discounts on the 3G iPhone what does it mean for the other companies, such as AT&T, who will be releasing the new iPhone in the near future. So far AT&T has not released any 3G iPhone prices but there have been rumors about a subsidy with a 2 year contract.
With only 13 days till the Apple WWDC hopefully we will have answers to these questions as soon as the new iPhone is announced.

iPhone News

TeliaSonera To Offer iPhone

TeliaSonera announced that they would be bringing the 3G iPhone 2 to the Nordic and Baltic countries. Their one sentence press release only stated that the release would be later this year. No plan or pricing details were given, nor if it an exclusive deal.
The countries covered by the deal are Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

iPhone News

iPhone 2 Speculation

Yesterday, the UK’s Guardian Newspaper speculated about the upcoming iPhone 2 and what will and will not be included and their reasons.
What won’t be there:
· SMS forwarding. Americans don’t understand SMS, and aren’t about to start now.
· GPS. Expensive, sucks power, imprecise, and isn’t standard on the vast majority of phones, so Apple isn’t losing by not using it.
· a cheap one.

The lack of GPS goes against most other rumors and there are no “out of left field” applications that will be included. Check out the complete post for all the details.