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3G Chipset

After some digging by ZiPhone.org, a possible chipset for the 3G iPhone has been discovered. At this time the only evidence is a small piece of code in the latest 2.0 beta release and so can’t be taken as gospel.
The S-GOLD3H chip by Infineon is a 7.2Mbps HSDPA chip which should be all the speed that people need, its a pity that the AT&T network doesn’t run that fast. The important part for me is the support for a 5 megapixel camera.
Now I enjoy taking pictures with my current iPhone and the so-so results are part of the experience ( I have DSLR if I want well exposed and focused images) but the thought of always having a decent camera in my pocket is enticing.
Hopefully, even if a better camera goes into the 3G iPhone it will still have a quirky side to give the images a slightly different look to them, sort of how a Holga gives 120 film a different feel.


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