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Japan hates the iPhone

Over the last couple of days the news that an online survey found that 91% of people in Japan said they wouldn’t buy an iPhone 3G has been seen on many sites across the internet. Today I finally stopped and read the the actual story on a couple of sites and a couple of interesting facts became apparent.
The survey was completed by 402 members of a free email forwarding service, which seems like a very small and focused group of people to ask. Maybe if they had asked a few thousand customer of Softbank, the Japanese iPhone carrier and received a similar result then the survey may have been slightly more relevant to the fate of the iPhone 3G in Japan.
If we are to assume that this small group is an accurate indication of the buying habits of the Japanese population then 9% of them may buy an iPhone. There are approximately 127 million people in Japan which would equal 11 million iPhone sold. Now Softbank only has 15 million subscribers which would be less than 1.5 million iPhones sold but not the horror story that the headlines make out.
It will be interesting to see the results once the iPhone 3G goes on sale in Japan.


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