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International phone data is expensive!

According to the Sunday Times downloading data while abroad will be expensive if you own an iPhone 3G. In an article with the head line “The iPhone’s shocking cost of international downloads”, they warn of the costs of downloading data while out of the country.

The thousands of consumers planning to snap up a 3G iPhone when they go on sale next month could be hit with bills of thousands of pounds if they download music or programmes overseas, industry insiders warned last week.

They make it sound as if the iPhone is is the only phone in the world with expensive data charges when you leave your home coverage.

However, the unlimited data and wi-fi allowances only apply in the UK. Once you start using the device abroad, charges shoot up to £3 for each megabyte (Mb) of data downloaded in the EU and £6 elsewhere in the world.

I know that when I leave the US my rates change and I need to sign up for International coverage from AT&T. As far as I know the iPhone roaming rates from O2 are the same as every other phone they offer, iPhone users don’t pay extra.

Now, the Sunday Times does admit that O2 aren’t the only ones with expensive, finally quoting the rates for Orange and T-Mobile in the fifth paragraph. Then it is straight back to bashing the iPhone because it has a larger screen and therefore it is “easier to watch moving images” which to them means everyone will be watching the BBC’s iPlayer all vacation long.

Roaming internationally with any cellphone is expensive when compared to your home calling rates but to single out the iPhone because it is more capable than your average phone seems to be misleading. I have to ask if someone at the Sunday Times has a problem with the iPhone or do they hope that sensational headlines will draw readers.


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