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3G iPhone launch time

Since the rumors concerning the announcement of the new iPhone 3G have ended it is now time for a new set of rumors. What time will the iPhone go on sale?
The early rumor is that AT&T will open for business at 8 am on July 11. There was a similar rumor for the launch of the original iPhone only for them to open at 6 pm with all of the Apple retail stores. The Apple stores will not receive details of the launch until the first week of July.
According to Engadget the first iPhone 3G will go on sale in New Zealand at 12:01 am, Friday July 11th. This would be 8:01 am EST on July 10th.
If these rumors turns out to be true it looks like I will have to be up early, not to buy a new iPhone but to take pictures of the event.


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